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A Word From Our Founder

"Some people try to hide their business model from the world, but I like to do things differently. My partners might razz me for this but I'm going to break down our entire business model for you in these videos for you to copy and implement on your own. I'll walk you through the exact steps we take to turn 1 podcast episode for our clients into over 30 pieces of content. Our ideal client will recognize the value of outsourcing this process and I'd invite you to book a strategy call with us to see if it would be better (and cheaper) to have us produce your podcast for you."
- Josh Tapp

Want Us To Build All Of This FOR You?!?

Ready to chat with us? Get in touch - At the very least, you'll get some *sound* advice

How to build a winning content strategy

How To Invite Industry Leading Guests To Your Show

How to turn a podcast interview into a sales opportunity 

How to optimize your social profiles

How to choose your podcast host

How to get your show listed on iTunes

How to make captioned social media videos

How to make winning audiograms

How to make memorable quote cards

How to write SEO optimized show notes 

When to schedule social media content

How to get your guests to promote your podcast

How to grow your following using Facebook groups

So What's Next?!

Ready to chat with us? Get in touch - At the very least, you'll get some *sound* advice

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

 Can I Handle The Load?

Yes! Can you show up for a single one hour interview each week? The only requirement of your time will be that you show up with your A-game to each interview, then our team will handle the rest. 

 Who Owns The Podcast?

You do! Our purpose as a company is to help you scale and monetize your personal brand through podcasting. It would defeat that purpose if we were to take the rights to your brand. 

If I Cancel Your Service, Will I Lose My Podcast?

No! Our service is meant to supplement the growth of your personal brand, and if you ever cancel there will be a seamless transition to your new or existing team. All of your assets will remain functioning and intact.

 Can I Also Host My Podcast On My Current Website? 

Yes! We would recommend you do! Your podcast will grow exponentially faster when you promote it on your website and through SEO. 

 How Long Are Your Contracts?

We don't require long-term contracts. When using our services we have a 6-month commitment so we can get your podcast off the ground. The contracts then revert to a month-by-month agreement.

 Can I Just Use One Piece Of The Service?

Yes! We understand that you might have an in-house team who handles your brand. As such, we can custom tailor our packages to your needs. We can discuss this on your demo call.

 If I Have Any Questions, Is There Someone I Can Talk To? 

Yes! Each month you will have a meeting with your dedicated account representative to resolve any issues with your account. Additionally you will have weekly access to Josh in The Pantheon.

 Is There A Discounted Yearly Contract?

Yes! You will get up to 2-months FREE when you sign a one year contract, along with some additional benefits to help you scale your brand.

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