Are You Ready to Get your expert content multiplied?

Get a single podcast episode transformed up to about

20+ pieces of engaging content

featured on every major platform...

for the price of a single part-time marketer

Podcast Production Basic

  • Professional Audio Mixing

  • Mastered to Broadcast Standards

  • Noise Reduction

  • Audio Equalization

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Audio Compression

  • ID3 Tagging

  • Live Process Tracking

  • 3 Levels of QA

Podcast Marketing

  • Audio Podcast Listenership Marketing

  • Possible Paid Advertisements

  • YouTube Video Marketing for Viewership and Subscribers

Multipliers Pro Package

  • Everything in Basic

  • Everything in Marketing

  • Full Episode Transcription

  • 500 word SEO optimized notes

  • Video Quality mastering

  • Advance trimming and editing

  • 1080p exports and raw files

  • Audio Distributed to over 20+ platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

  • Social Media Ready Scripts

  • Quote Cards

  • Captioned Videos

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